Click to visit Jake's Academy

Click to visit Jake's Academy

Jake's Academy located in Lone Tree, CO is home to a Team Rocky Mountain affiliate coached by Doug Wherry. 

Doug Wherry's passion for golf and understanding of its core principals came from Jake Warde. Not a golf professional by trade, Jake’s love and enthusiasm for the game he loves touches everyone he meets and has for half a century. He has mentored tour professionals on the LPGA and PGA tours, helped youth pay their way through college, and helped hundreds to enjoy golf more thoroughly.

Doug is fortunate to have Jake as a mentor to this day. Most of Doug’s young life in golf was spent with Jake learning some of life’s most important skills: discipline, focus, vision, faith, love, camaraderie, sportsmanship, humility, ethics, tradition, and self-esteem.

Doug learned all of these things because of golf and men who cared deeply for its traditions. As Doug grew in the game, so did his understanding of the special relationship and education he had as a youth. He saw how deeply it influenced him.

Doug’s vision for coaching and mentoring youth was solidified while running a junior boarding school for the Arnold Palmer Golf Academies. Doug was given a directive from Mr. Palmer while working at the school. “It is up to you to keep the fires of the game burning,” Mr. Palmer said, “to pass the torch to the next generation, and explain to them the wonderful histories and traditions of our game.” Doug has dedicated himself to doing just that.

Through Jake’s Academy, Doug has influenced many students and helped guide them to success, on and off the course, which is integral to developing the confidence, humility, and ethics necessary to thrive in today’s competitive world. The key to Jake’s Academy’s success is not only its emphasis on teaching golf as a game, but as Jake showed Doug through their lessons together, its emphasis on life-skills development. With these skills students will be successful, not only on the golf course, but in high school, college, and into the professional world, whether that profession comes through the golf industry or not.