March 10th, 2016

Tom Relf
USA Junior National Golf Team, Director

Terry Hashimoto
VP of Business Development

BodiTrak Sports Joins the USA Junior National Golf Program as the official ground reaction force sensing mats!

(SAN ANTONIO, Tex.)  The USA Junior National Golf Team announces its partnership with BodiTrak as an official supporter of the USA Junior Golf Team.
BodiTrak is excited to announce they are working closely with the USA Junior National Golf Team, and its members to use pressure mapping to maximize the transfer of energy during the swing in the most efficient manner possible.

This technology uses state of the art sensor fabrics from the medical world allowing portable " real world " testing both on and off the golf course.

This, in addition to the pressure information being collected on Ipads and Iphones can be stored in the cloud assuring USA Junior National Team Coaches and players can immediately access their pressure traces that are used to "Quantify Feel" and obtain peak performance in the most effective manner available anywhere today.

The USA Junior National Golf Team training program is pleased to be the first junior golf training programs to offer this exclusively to their team, coaches and players.
In addition, the USA Junior National Team is pleased to draw on the experience accumulated by lead developer Terry Hashimoto who has been travelling North America, working with leading Instructors and tour coaches to help affect immediate change in golf swings by using pressure mapping techniques.
“This relationship with Terry and BodiTraks allows both our players and coaches unparalleled access to Terry’s tremendous knowledge of how to apply this technology to junior golfers regardless of their skill level” says USA Junior Golf Team Director Tom Relf  “The improvements we have seen with our athletes is remarkable with the BodiTrak Tour mat”.  “Our players are able to feel what should happen during their golf swings in a way that was not possible just a few years ago”.  “Ultimately this makes all of our coaches more knowledgeable and valuable to our organization and to our students”.  “This is yet another differentiator for our coaches and players and I am proud to bring BodiTraks and The USA Junior Golf Team together” comments Relf.


USA Junior National Team curriculum and world-class instruction along with BodiTrak Sports is an enticing combination for junior golfers seeking a structured pathway to reach their full potential in golf.  USA Junior National Team members will receive customized technical, tactical, physical and mental training as they transition through the benchmarks of the USA Junior National Team curriculum. 

Developmental I and II athletes are those who have just begun their competitive journey. Certified USA National Team Coaches will work with each participant to develop the various skills necessary to become a member of the Future Stars Team. Athletes in the developmental program are expected to compete locally in junior golf competitions. Program coaches will assist participants and their parents in choosing appropriate competitive opportunities.
Future Stars teams are for athletes age eleven and older who have displayed a passion for the game and possess experience in competitive golf events. Team members will meet two-to-three times weekly for coaching sessions led by Certified USA National Team coaches and are eligible to participate in regional training camps when space is available.

USA National Team Coaches identify prospective Pre-Elite team members based on their performance in USA National Golf Camps, high school golf competitions, or state and local junior tournaments. These players consistently score in the mid 70s to low 80s. Work ethic and attitude are also important traits. Like Future Stars, Pre-Elite juniors will meet two-to-three times per week with certified coaches and may participate in regional camps.
Selection to the Elite Team is an honor reserved for the most talented, polished, and hard-working individuals.  USA National Team Coaches invite prospective Elite Team members based on their performance in USA National Golf Camps or national junior tournaments. Our Elite Team members enjoy competitive success at the local, state, and national levels. Elite Team members meet two-to-three times weekly throughout each training season, participate in Regional and National training camps, and are eligible to qualify for and compete in Regional and International Team Matches.

Learn more about the USA Junior National Team, and register for the program at

About the USA Junior National Golf Team
The USA Junior National Golf Team is an integrated golf development program for juniors of all ages and abilities. USA Junior National Golf Team programs are available at select Certified Training Centers throughout the United States. Leveraging best practices of golf federations around the globe, the comprehensive curriculum provides consistent and structured golf training for juniors through five programs: Developmental I, Developmental II, Future Stars, Pre-Elite, and Elite.  Future Stars, Pre-Elite, and Elite Team members compete regionally and nationally.  Elite team members also compete internationally. To learn more about the USA Junior National Golf Team and programs, visit