Kailey Kleinatland is 9 years old, and she already loves golf.

Besides practicing and playing, she loves what comes afterward.

“The fun part is you get trophies,” she said.

Kailey Kleinatland took up golf when she was 7. Two years later, she has a shelf full of trophies and is a member of the USA Junior Team program. (Photo courtesy of Howard Kleinatland)

Not everyone wins trophies when they hit the links, but not everyone has Kleinatland’s skills.

In just two years, the Lutz resident has won tournaments at places like Westchase Golf Club, Carrollwood Country Club, Tampa Palms Golf & Country Club, Belleair Country Club and Crescent Oaks Country Club.

And her prospects are looking even better since she has been accepted into the USA Junior Team program.

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